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Spot a Fake Chanel Handbag

Maybe you've recently purchased a fabulous new or vintage Chanel Handbag or maybe you're thinking about buying one on Ebay.

Beware of all the counterfeiters out there who will sell you a fake Chanel bag for the Authentic price.

Since knowledge is power, make sure you know what to look for and what to avoid before making that huge purchase.

Below are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind:


1. Price-

Most Chanel purses are priced in the $1000-$2000 or more price range.

If you find a Chanel bag on Ebay priced in the $100-$200 or less price range, this is your first red flag and it's signaling that you might be looking at a fake.

Chanel bags hold their value and the typical resale value should be at least in the upper $500-1,000 price range.


2. Interlocking C Logo-

Many Chanel bag styles have the twist lock situtated inside a double C logo, or just the double C logo proudly stiched on the front somewhere.

If you look at the top portion of this logo, the right C should overlap the top portion of the left C. Likewise the bottom portion of the left C should overlap the bottom portion of the right C.

If this logo is in any way different from what I just described, you most likely have a fake Chanel Handbag.


3. Zipper Pull-

The zipper pulls on ALL Chanel handbags (that have zippers) will have the interlocking C logo.

If the zipper pull does not have the double C logo, it is most likely a fake.


4. Serial Number-

All Chanel Handbags will have a serial number. This serial number should obviously match the authenticity card. However, if you buy a pre-owned bag then sometimes you will not receive the authenticity card along with the bag. So, what should you look out for? First of all, the code should be a seven or eight digit number. Many good fakes will also have serial numbers and authenticiy cards. Right now, counterfeiters are using a list of specific numbers.

Check this list below of commonly used counterfeit serial numbers to see if your Chanel Handbag is a fake.















5. Authenticity Card-

Even fake Chanel bags come with an authenticiy card which declares the serial number matching the bag.

This card should be black with gold trim and lettering. It should not be laminated in plastic in such a way that the outer layer will pull apart easily.


6. First Day on Ebay- If you can control yourself, never buy a Chanel Bag on Ebay if it has only been on the auction block for one day and especially if it is a super good deal or if it is just listed as a 1 Day Auction.

Ebay tries their best to control the selling of counterfeits on their site... and they do a pretty good job I might add.

But counterfeiters will also try their best to get the sale, and sometimes they are able to list their products for at least a day before Ebay catches them and removes the item.


6. Material - Authentic Chanel Handbags are always made from high quality Calfskin and Lambskin. Other materials and fabrics are often used as well. But just keep an eye out for obvious low quality materials, as Chanel never uses cheap quality materials to make their bags.