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Coach Handbags



Coach Handbagsare one of those fashion accessories a girl simply cannot live without.

Coach bags are known for their structured style and often the signature C logo fabric.

Bonnie Cashin a brilliant fashion designer, is best known for her contribution with her designs of innovative handbags thus putting Coach on the map in the fashion industry. Her story is one of a woman before her time as she set the fashion world on fire with her industrious creative talent.

Styles and Great Bargains:

Coach makes many different what's your pleasure?

Browse through to find some great info and deals on your favorite Coach handbag.

The Coach Tote is a nice roomy bag big enough to carry anything you need. They usually have an open top for easy functionality.

Coach Pouches are one of the smallest in the line of Coach bags next to the wristlet and clutch. If you just need something stylish to carry around your lipstick and money, this one is a perfect choice.

The Coach Hobo is usually a slouchy bulky bag but it never lacks style. They're always so easy and comfortable to carry.

The Coach Patchwork bag comes in all the styles listed above plus more. Coach released this look a few years ago and it has been a huge hit ever since.

One of the newest collections is the Coach Carly Collection. This soft slouchy style comes in the Classic Signature Fabric, Leather, Denim and Patchwork.


Your beautiful Coach Purse will one day get dirty...maybe due to no fault of your own. But if you are wondering how to clean your Coach Handbags correctly and without ruining them, then check here first.



With Coach Handbags being so popular these days, it's no suprise that fake Coach handbags are on the rise too.

So how can you tell if your Coach is a fake?

One of the most obvious things to look at is the signature C log fabric. Do the C's on the fabric (read more here)...