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How to Clean Coach Purse

Need to Know How to Clean Coach Purse? -

Follow these easy steps to clean any fabric, leather or suede Coach Handbag!

  • Coach offers a Signature Fabric Cleaner for $10 to be used with most Signature fabric handbags.

    (You can visit their website to purchase all recommended Coach Cleaning Products or simply check the listings below.

    It is recommended to use Signature Fabric Cleaner on only the following fabrics.

    • Classic Signature
    • Mini Signature
    • Graphic Signature
    • Optic Signature
    • Signature Stripe
    • Instructions for use (Signature Fabric Coach Cleaner):

      Apply a small amount of cleaner to a clean soft white cloth and rub in gentle circular motions.
      Wipe away excess with a clean white dampened cloth.
      Blot dry with a clean white cloth and allow to air dry completely before reuse.
      For best results, use this product sparingly and blot dry completely after cleaning to minimize wetting the surface and to reduce the likelihood of leaving rings.

      Coach 11438 New Bleecker Signature Large Duffle - 
      How to Clean Coach Purse: Leather
      Coach also offers a Leather Cleaner for $10 to be used with most Coach leather products.
      Check the listings below for deals on Coach Leather cleaner.
      Use Coach Leather Cleaner on the following:

      Soho Buck Leather
      Soho Vintage Leather
      Legacy Buck Leather
      Hamptons Buck Leather
      Polished Calf Leather
      English Bridle Leather
      Instructions for use(Leather Coach Cleaner):

      1)To remove dirt, apply a small amount with a clean, soft cloth using circular strokes.

      2)Wipe off residue and let dry for 30 minutes.

      3)Coach also recommends using Coach Leather Moisturizer after cleaning to enhance the luster.

      Coach 11330 Hampton Leather Signature Medium Carry 

      To clean a suede Coach handbag, use the suede care kit that is included with each handbag when purchased from Coach.
      Each care kit includes specific instructions for use.

      If your bag was purchased second hand and you did not receive a Coach suede care kit, you can simply pick up a suede care kit from a drug store which will work just as well or check the listings below to find great deals on Coach brand suede cleaning kits.

      Use the Suede Care Kit on the following styles:

      Hamptons Suede
      Hamptons Mosaic
      Soho Suede
      Chelsea Nubuc
      Ergo Pierced Suede Tote

      Coach 11310 Ergo Pieced Suede Tote - Red

      Mild soap and water can also be used to clean a small spot on a Signature Coach handbag.
      Simply use a damp white cloth with soap and warm water.

      A toothbrush works well to gently scrub out a deeper stain.

      Shout Wipes have also been highly recommended by Coach Signature handbag owners.

      Mild soap and water is also recommended for cleaning of the following collections:

      (it's very important to remember the Coach Cleaners mentioned above should NOT be used on these fabrics listed below! Only soap and water are recommended.)
      Hamptons Weekend Scarf Print
      Hamptons Weekend Patchwork
      Hamptons Weekend Solid
      Hamptons Weekend Scribble C
      Chelsea pony hair
      Chelsea metallic
      Patent Leather
      Soho Twill
      Weekend Denim
      Quilted C
      Signature Patchwork
      Vintage Sig Tie Dye
      Legacy Cotton
      Legacy Straw
      Beach Stripe
      Soft Pebble
      Hamptons Pebbled Leather
      Chelsea Pebbled Leather

      Bonnie Cashin is best known for taking the fashion world by storm with her designs of Coach handbags and thus revolutionzing the handbag industry.

      Check out this interesting history of Coach and how this world class designer helped propel the Coach brand into international fame! 

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